Monday, June 25, 2012

Vanguard in Japan Number 2 - Zephyr and the H.A.L.O

Hey everybody, it's awesome picture time!!!
Following hot on the heels of Tony Rothwell's Mammoth-Jack in Japan picture, here we have Stephen Prestwood's rendition of Zephyr and his alien Halo, from "Halo and the Gryphon"This is a cool, colourful pic of our half lion-half eagle hero, complete with high-tech alien weapon H.A.L.O attached, as he takes a breather from being attacked by Smoke Demons and hunted by Heartlings to take in the view in the Land of The Rising Sun.

This image will be produced as an A6, laminated art-card and will be given out free (with the others in the series) with issue 3 of Vanguard later on in the year. If you haven't already, give our Facebook page a like and be in with a chance to get a free copy!

More Vanguard in Japan images coming soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Issue 2 Review at Comics Bulletin

Issue 2 got a nice little write up over on Comics Bulletin, check it out HERE!

 As the reviewer says, we are all having a blast putting these comic strips together and hopefully that is evident from the reading. Good point about the difference in tone between Atomic Call and the other ("loopier") stories but that is very much intentional. With this comic we are trying to present a variety of stories and styles across a number of different genres. So along with the shlock-horror ultra-violence of Mammoth-Jack, the far-out, bizzarro, trip-fest of Halo and the Gryphon, and the darkly black humour of Buck Tucker, we get the more conventional, down-to-earth adventures of Call Malone and co to provide a bit of 'sanity'.

Having said that, although Call's story may appear straightforward at the moment, it's going to turn out to be anything but, as we delve into the mystery of the atomic gauntlet, where it came from...and why Call coming into possession of it isn't as 'coincidental' as it seems. All I can say for now all has something to do with the person below, the mysteriously named Mandy SNA (Surname Not Applicable), who made her first appearance shooting the place up like a lunatic in issue 2. Watch out for more of her in a special four page story to be published online soon, and in the next chapter of Atomic Call in Vanguard issue 3, later this year.


                                               (Art by David Blankley)

Vanguard in Japan, Number 1 - Mammoth-Jack

Since I am currently living in Japan I thought it might be a nice idea to have some special images featuring our comic's characters prepared, showing them in some recognisably Japanese situations.

There will be four of these in total and they will be produced as a second set of laminated postcards to be given out free with issue 3 later in the year. First up is Tony Rothwell's rendition of mutilated, donkey-with-a-grudge Duncan Mammoth-Jack, taking a leaf from the famous Hachiko's book:


Hachiko was a stray Akita dog taken in by Professor Hidesaburō Ueno in 1924. Every day, Hachikō would go to meet the Professor as he arrived home from work at Shibuya Station, a routine which continued until May 1925, when the Professor did not return. He had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died at work, never again to return to the station where his loyal pet waited. Every day for the next nine years though, Hachiko would travel to the station at the same time to await his master, and he became famous as a result. He died in 1935. A bronze statue was erected in his memory in August 1948. It still stands and is a popular meeting spot at Shibuya station. The station entrance near this statue is named "Hachikō-guchi", meaning "The Hachikō Entrance/Exit". It is at this statue that Duncan is pictured sitting in the image below. It seems appropriate. He may not be a dog, but he is as loyal to his mistress, Jamie, as Hachiko ever was to Professor Ueno. Even if he does show it in a much more violent way!

Stay tuned for more "Vanguard in Japan" images coming soon.