Friday, June 10, 2011

Gryphons and Donkeys and Parachuting Psychopaths...Oh My!

Earlier in the week I received the artwork for the cover to issue 1, along with the title of this post as an email subject line, adequately describing it. You can view it in all its glory below.

This wonderful piece of front cover-wizardry comes courtesy of the ever-amazing and uber-talented LIAM BYRNE, aka, GHOSTPOCKETS. I wanted something snazzy and colourful and a wee bit psychadelic and Mr. Pockets that-are-Ghostly delivered in spades, with his own renditions of the stars of the comic. I am, needless to say, incredibly happy with this! It's gonna look great as a printed mag...which shouldn't be long now, as there's only a page or 2 of artwork still to come in and then it's all systems go!

Rest assured I shall be keeping you posted!

Thoughts on the cover? Let me know!


  1. Woohoo, all looks Dom-Awesome! Love the cover, very trippy , you can't go wrong woth crazy donkeys! But why is Red-Bats that his new stealth armour? :P

  2. He's supposed to be a hologram projected by Call's atomic mitten thingy.