Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vanguard in Japan Postcards 3 and 4

Here we go, the remaining 2 images for the set of 4 which will be turned into beautiful, laminated postcards and sent out FREE with printed copies of our super-size, jam-packed issue 3!!! Card number 3 features Call Malone, of Atomic Call, taking out a sumo wrestler with a damn big hammer she pulled out of her handy, compact glove. Well, where else would you keep a hammer like that? I'm not quite sure what this wrestler did to deserve this whonk on the noggin, and perhaps Call doesn't either, if she was simply following some of her childhood-bully-turned-brothel-madam employer Sally's non-debatable 'need to know' instructions. Maybe we'll find out some day! Art on this image comes courtesy of the brilliant Chris Askham, who I've actually been wanting to work with on something for some time now. It's a very striking image, with great use of colour to bring it to life, and the letratone affect is the icing on a very nice cake! Thanks Chris!

Last but certainly not least comes this suitably awkward and tongue-in-cheek image by the wonderful Neil Roche featuring serial killer-turned-demon slayer Buck Tucker and his 'one that got away'. Tucker's a bad 'un, and no mistake, having knocked off a number of poor unfortunate ladies during a six month spree of serial-killing dating, culminating in the horrific Speed Date massacre of 2010, during which he slayed his final ten victims. It would have been twelve, had not one Katarina Cruz turned the tables on him and put an end to his murderous, love-inspired rampage. The story didn't end there though, for Tucker OR Cruz. Tucker died alright, but didn't get much further than limbo, where he was intercepted by the mysterious Slug Slut and selected for a very important mission. We will find out exactly what this mission entails in the next installment of the story. As for Katarina...well, as her appearance in this postcard image suggests, neither we nor Buck have seen the last of her. But what are the circumstances of her return to the story? And just how much has her "Speed Date" ordeal affected her? Stay tuned, as all will be revealed in Vanguard Issue 3!!

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