Monday, May 2, 2011

Atomic Call

Orphan, tomboy, juvenile delinquent, soldier. Colleen 'Call' Malone has been many things in her thirty years of life...and she's about to add 'fugitive' to the list. Detained in a juvenile detention centre during her teenage years, she was forcibly conscripted into the Irish army to serve in war-torn Libya, under a new, innovative rehabilitation scheme for minor offenders. Embracing the chance to turn her life around, Colleen dedicates herself to her training and becomes a top class soldier during the course of her years in military school and later in the field. Her past comes back to haunt her however when, denied time off to attend the funeral of 'Mammy' -- the matriarch of the orphanage she grew up in and the closest thing to a mother she ever had -- she goes AWOL in order to pay her last respects. Reuniting with old pal and fellow orphan Sally Marrett (who has also turned her life around, though in a completely different way) she agrees to repay an old debt by helping Sally with a problem - namely, providing some 'muscle' to help her deal with the goons trying to take over her brothel in Dubai! This task will see Call tempted back to her old ways of thievery and connivery, with the skills she picked up in the army allowing her to operate on a whole new level -- a level that will see her come into possession of some very powerful technology...and set the world's most dangerous bounty hunter on her tail!

Check out a preview of page 1 below. Art by David Blankley.

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