Monday, May 2, 2011


Ireland, the late 19th century and animal cruelty is at its peak. Horses and donkeys are being exterminated in huge numbers by the factories supplying cabinet and furniture makers with the all important glues crucial to the production of their wares. Equine animals – whose hides and hooves produce the best mixtures - have become the animal of choice as raw materials in the production of these glues, and the men and women employed by the glue factories act in barbaric fashion in 'converting' them. It's a nasty business...and somebody has to do something about it. Enter young Jamie Swift and her pet mule, Duncan, a Mammoth-Jack donkey she found mutilated and dying having escaped one such factory. Rescuing Duncan and nursing him back to health, the two form a special bond and unite in their goal of liberating as many of Duncan's kind as possible from the glue factories...but this act will unwittingly pit them against the nastiest, cruellest foe imaginable -- Jamie's own father!!! Watch out glue makers! Duncan Mammoth-Jack is on the rampage - and he is one ticked off pony!

Check out page 1 of the first episode below. Art by Owen Watts.

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